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Q) How much does it cost to become a member of a site on the Cybatrons Free Network?
A) Everything is free for use, including those services requiring registration!

Q) Are sites on this network safe to whitelist?
A) Yes! All ads are carefully screened for safety and content. We check each one out ourselves to make sure they do not deliver or lead to inappropriate or dangerous content. Ads are also carefully placed to make sure they do not cover website content. We also do not allow ads unsuitable for all ages, nor do we allow popup or popunder ads. If you actually click on an ad a new window will open for you. This allows you to check out what the advertiser is offering without having to leave the site your visiting. :)

Q) Will my information be shared with outside parties?
A) No! Staff will do their best to protect member privacy and will not share your information with outside parties without due legal process. All your personal information is also encrypted for safety.

Q) What kind of guarantee does staff provide?
A) Only that staff will do their best to maintain the network as a whole, but ask you to remember two things.
1. Staff are not web professionals.
2. Staff's time and efforts are voluntary. They receive no payment. Only the occasional Thanks or Well done!

Q) Who pays the network's operating expenses?
A) Operating expenses are paid by commissions earned through purchases of products or services from select advertiser ads shown on the network, and the occasional donation.

Q) How do I get a free membership to any of these sites?
A) Look for the section Public Subsites, then click the link of the site you want to visit and register with the site.

Q) How old do you have to be to get a membership at any of these websites?
A) We require the websites have a minimum age requirement of at least 13 years of age for membership.

Q) How do I find forums or chats?
A) Look for the sections CFN Members and CFN Subsites, then click the link of the site you want to visit.

Q) What happens if I lose my password to any of the member websites or subsites?
A) Most services have a password retrieval system. If the system does not, then notify the staff of the member site or subsite.

Q) Do you allow adult websites?
A) If you're talking about porn sites, then the answer is NO! X rated sites are not allowed on the network.

Q) What kinds of advertisements do you allow?
A) We do not allow popups, popunders, wiggly, jiggly, flashy banners, advertisements for any type of porn site, sites promoting cruelty to animals, hate sites, sites promoting harm to others, or those promoting illegal or terrorist activity. We carefully screen all advertisements for quality, content, and safety. Also, for your convenience, if you click on an advertisement, a new window will open for you. When you're finished visiting the advertiser's website, simply close the window.

Q) What type of websites can join the network?
A) We allow general content websites offering good, free services and/or products to become members. All unrestricted content must be general audience friendly.

Q) How do I get my website on the network?
A) Make sure your website meets the minimum requirements for membership;
  • It displays general audience content in all public areas.
  • No questionable or objectionable content is available in unrestricted areas.
  • It offers good free services and/or products. It can sell things too, but it must have a nice selection of good freebies.
  • It has a working website support email address.
  • It has a minimum age requirement of at least 13 years of age.

Please submit finished websites applying for membership to cybatrons[at]yahoo[dot]com; subject CFN Website Submission. When we receive your request, someone will look over your website. If it's approved, a link will be placed for it in the CFN directory. If it isn't, you will be notified of the reason(s) why it didn't pass.

Q) Can my site be removed from the network?
A) Yes. Either at the website owner's request, send to management[at]cybatrons[dot]com; subject CFN Website Removal, or if it's found to be in violation of the minimum requirements for membership. Website owner removal requests must come from the same email used to submit the site to the network. If a website owner changes emails, they need to notify us, so records can be updated. Removal requests from unconfirmed emails will be ignored. This is to protect website owners from being wrongly removed.